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More moms are choosing FetalSure for their Home Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitors.

Learn More about Fetal Dopplers and how to rent for use at home


  • Moms can rent a fetal doppler or purchase a fetal doppler to use at home of the same quality as their doctors!

  • FetalSure ® provides Medical Grade Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitors for mom to use at home. Moms rent for as little as $17 per month, These fetal doppler baby heartbeat monitors are the same units we sell to doctors, hospitals, universities and government agencies.  Mom you should settle for nothing less than the best when you rent a fetal doppler!

  • Our Elite Fetal Doppler combines extreme sensitivity, exceptional ease of use and incredibly clear, static-free sound into a compact, pocket-sized package. We reviewed the dopplers available on the market and found the Nicolet Elite doppler to be best doppler for our company to provide for moms to use at home.  

    After suffering a miscarriage @ 10 weeks, my husband & I found out we were expecting again a few months later.  Since I was so worried about being pregnant again (and the possibility of another miscarriage), we decided to rent a doppler.  We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time @ 9 weeks and we were soooo thrilled!  The doppler was a life saver!! It truly helped to put to rest any fears we had that this second pregnancy wouldn't come to term.  I am now 30 weeks pregnant and eagerly counting down the next 10 weeks!  We were completely satisfied with our Fetal Sure doppler, and have recommended you to our friends that are expecting!!


  • When you rent a fetal doppler or buy a fetal doppler to use at home one of the most important outputs is the sound. Our Elite Fetal Doppler uses state of the art technology know as Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) that provides a crystal clear, static-free signal for the best possible sound quality. The high quality built-in speaker provides reliable sound that can be easily heard.

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for making it possible to rent this home doppler. We have been listening to the baby's heartbeat every day and it has been a true blessing. D.L., One of Many Happy Customers :-)

Digital Display Units

  • FHR: We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a high quality digital display fetal doppler at a great price.  Our Nicolet Elite 200 Fetal Doppler comes with Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) displayThe digital readout utilizes autocorrelation, a pattern recognition technique that accurately tracks the fetal heart rate. The convenience of the FHR display saves you counting and calculating, adds confidence and reassurance.

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 Ease of Use

  • Our Nicolet Elite Fetal Doppler features an Ergonomically Designed Probe that is easy to hold and use. Broad-beam technology makes it easy to find and lock onto the fetal heartbeat. This technology empowers mom to find the fetal heartbeat time after time after time.

 Affordable and Fair Pricing

  • Our monthly rates make long-term rentals affordable.  The best part is mom can prepay and save!

  • FetalSure ® has prorated partial month rentals for years. Our daily rental rates are $.84 per day for a fetal doppler without display and $1.40 per day for a fetal doppler with display. After your initial rental term ends you will be able to pay by the day or by the month, which ever is less!

  • The minimum fetal doppler heartbeat monitor rental fee is for 1 month.

  • When you rent a fetal doppler, your rental period starts after you receive the fetal dopler heartbeat monitor.  You will receive a convenient rental chart that clearly shows the starting and ending time for each months rental as well as the rental rate for each particular month.

  • For Billing Information click here.


  • Our fetal dopplers go through a sanitizing process.

  • Probes are cleaned and then disinfected with a specialized solution developed to disinfect fetal doppler probes.

  • The cords are cleaned with a anti-bacterial cleaner and then disinfected.

Customer Commitment

  • Our management team has years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and service industries. This has allowed us to research and provide mom top of the line equipment.

  • Our team understands that you are the customer and that our goal is to do all we can to satisfy your needs.

  • Our Constant Pursuit is Customer Satisfaction.  We are only happy when we not only meet but exceed our customers expectations.

    I would just like to say that the entire Fetalsure team is fantastic and provide wonderful customer service! I rented a doppler from Fetalsure for my second pregnancy initially due to the lower rental price for the same quality doppler as the competition...... I have been nothing but pleased with the product and the company, and would highly recommend Fetalsure to all expectant mothers! Thanks Fetalsure!


No Risk Guarantee

  • Upon receiving the fetal doppler, if you are not completely satisfied contact FetalSure at 1-800-598-3487 or e-mail us at returns@fetalsure.com and return the fetal doppler hearbeat monitor within 7 days of receipt for a full refund.

  • FetalSure ® warrants that the Fetal Doppler will perform to standard specifications during the rental period. If any unit fails during the rental period, FetalSure will replace it free of charge.


Working with Doctors

  • Remember that the Fetal Doppler does not replace the need to monitor the child's progress with a professional caregiver. This website provides information and is designed for informational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

  • Parents should not use the Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitors in any way for diagnostic or other medical purposes .

  • FetalSure ® Medical Grade Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitors are not intended and should not be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care by medical practitioners. Any concerns about your pregnancy should be addressed to your medical practitioner.

  • FetalSure ® Medical Grade Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitors are provided for home use by expecting mothers with the approval of their medical practitioner. Please discuss the use of the FetalSure ® Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor with your medical practitioner before renting.

  • The FDA permits mom to use a doppler at home with authorization from a licensed caregiver.  Click here  

  Convenient Free Shipping

  • FREE 2 to 3 day shipping on all Fetal Doppler rentals. FREE Delivery and Return shipping!!, Dopplers typically ship the same day as the order!

  • We also provide overnight shipping on Fetal Doppler Rentals.

  • We provide a convenient means to return the Fetal Doppler.  Drop the Fetal Doppler at the nearest post office or give the Fetal Doppler to your postal person.  

Secure Shopping

  • Shop with confidence! Our secure shopping cart provided by world leader MIVA Merchant protects your credit card information with 128-bit encryption. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express,  Discover and PayPal.

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